The differences between models of positive & negative and ones of negative
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The differences between models of positive & negative and ones of negative

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The mechanical principle

Positive and negative pressure laminating machine, in simple terms, is not only a negative pressure (vacuum pressure) below, but also a positive pressure on it. When the machine is operating, the upper pressure is drawn from the bottom, not only the negative pressure from the bottom is evacuated, but the positive pressure is also applied to the top, so it becomes positive and negative pressure. The negative pressure machine only evacuates the bottom, and there is no pressure on the top, so it is called a negative pressure machine.


Effect of lamination of finished products 

The three-dimensional effect of the rhombus, uneven surface, groove surface, and corner of the workpiece made by the positive and negative pressure laminator will be stronger. Since the negative pressure machine is only a function of negative pressure, there is no added pressure on it, and it can only be pulled down by airflow, so the three-dimensional sense of the corners and grooves of the workpiece after processing is not strong.


Products processed from positive and negative pressure can be permanently free from peeling. The negative pressure machine can only transmit the temperature on the surface of the workpiece, and the temperature of the side and the groove is not comprehensive enough compared with the positive and negative pressure, so the relative adhesion will be poor, and the product will easily fall off after 2-3 years side. The positive and negative pressure is transmitted to each part of the workpiece by the positive pressure heating airflow. When the airflow is pressurized, it brings the temperature, which is transmitted in place, so that the workpiece is not easy to peel off the film.

Positive and negative pressure can make the highlight. Because the high-gloss film is relatively thick, generally 45 wires, the temperature of the high-gloss film is relatively high if it is made by a negative pressure machine. As a result, the high-gloss film will be too soft due to the high temperature, and it is easy to cause burned film (the film is deformed by heat, There are uneven chicken skin marks on the surface), and the products made in this way are unacceptable on the market. All users who require high light are recommended to buy positive and negative pressure. The positive and negative pressure do not need high temperature. They will be pressurized uniformly by an airflow of about 70 degrees, which can ensure gloss, softness of the film, and glue. Degree of adhesion.

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