The history of membrane press machine development
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The history of membrane press machine development

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    Vacuum press machine manufacturers Shenyang Zhanhongtu Machinery Equipment Co.,Ltd takes you on a journey of understanding the history of vacuum membrane press machine.The hot press is one of the most important equipment in the production of wood-based panels. To some extent, the production capacity of the hot press determines the output of the wood-based panel production line. At the same time, the technical level of the hot press machine largely determines the quality of the wood-based panel product.


Nowadays, the development of the wood-based panel industry has put forward higher requirements for hot presses. Conversely, the emergence of advanced level hot presses has greatly promoted the development of the wood-based panel industry. So what is the history of hot press development? Let's take a look.


The hot press that first appeared in the wood-based panel industry was a multi-layer hot press, which was borrowed and adapted from the press used in the textile industry. Although the original multi-lamination machine technology is still not perfect, it has already begun to have the form of a modern multi-layer laminator, and the loading and unloading plate system, the heating device, the press closing and opening device, and the like have appeared. 


Later, multi-layer laminators have achieved great success in the production of particleboard and have been promoted. At this time, the main manufacturers of wood-based multi-layer laminators were mainly concentrated in Europe. Later, with the promotion of multi-lamination machine manufacturing technology, the Americas and some Asian countries including China also joined the multi-lamination equipment supplier. The list.


In recent years, with the development of press technology, the major press manufacturers in Europe have transferred the main productivity to the production of continuous presses, while the Shanghai Wood-based Panel Machinery Plant in China and the Washington Iron Works in the United States have become multi-laminate. A more important supplier in the machine market. With the continuous expansion of the production scale, the number of layers of multi-lamination machines is increasing, and the format is also increasing, becoming one of the main presses for the production of wood-based panels. Others include the single-layer laminator, continuous pressure that appears later. Machine series, etc.


The development of hot presses has promoted the development of the wood-based panel industry. In recent years, the ultra-fast development of China's medium density fiberboard industry has also provided a broad space for the development of China's press technology. At present, China does not have the capacity of continuous presses. The continuous presses needed in China still need to be imported from abroad, which seriously affects the overall improvement of China's wood-based panel machinery industry. The relevant units in China have been rushing to organize human, material and technical forces to carry out the development of continuous presses. It is believed that in the near future, continuous hot presses will be mass produced in China.


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