The scale of cross-border transactions in the furniture market will increase by 15% in 2025 - Two
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The scale of cross-border transactions in the furniture market will increase by 15% in 2025 - Two

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Due to the epidemic, the overseas "stay-at-home economy" has been staged one after another, breaking the previous form of purchasing large items such as furniture offline, and laying a good foundation for online furniture purchases.

Coupled with the increase in demand for furniture products, local furniture-producing enterprises are forced to suspend operations, so furniture from China is being snapped up by overseas consumers.

As my country is the world's largest exporter of furniture products, cross-border sellers of furniture can naturally get a share.

Of course, there is still a large demand in European and American countries and countries and regions with a high degree of openness.

The furniture manufacturing industry is developing rapidly, what is the core competitiveness of cross-border furniture?

First of all, according to the varieties of my country's furniture industry, it can be divided into five categories:

Wooden furniture: solid wood furniture, mahogany furniture, wood-based panel furniture, etc.;

Metal furniture: iron furniture, stainless steel furniture, alloy furniture, glass furniture, etc.;

Bamboo and rattan furniture: bamboo furniture, rattan furniture, wicker furniture, etc.;

Stone furniture: natural marble furniture, artificial marble furniture, etc.;

Upholstered furniture: leather furniture, imitation leather furniture, fabric furniture, etc.;

At present, the US market is my country's largest exporter of wooden furniture. Except for a decline during the financial crisis, the export volume has been in a stable growth stage in recent years.

This is related to the domestic demographic dividend and the long history of furniture manufacturing.

When it comes to the core competitiveness of my country's furniture, Xiaoma will analyze it with you through three points:

Competitive demographic dividend

Judging from the current labor cost of the furniture industry, the labor cost of the furniture industry in my country is about 4 yuan/hour, while the labor cost of the furniture industry in Europe and the United States is about 12 dollars/hour. Even in Mexico, Poland and other countries, furniture The labor cost of the industry is also much higher than that of China's furniture industry.

Perfect industrial cluster

Since solid wood furniture is a labor-intensive industry, the industrial chain of furniture manufacturing involves a variety of auxiliary materials such as logs, hardware accessories, sawn timber, paint, and packaging materials, which has accelerated the formation of China's furniture industry clusters and specialized division of labor.

There are 33 wooden furniture industrial zones in East China centered on Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shandong, 36 wooden furniture industrial zones in South China centered on Guangdong and Guangxi, and 19 in Central China centered on Henan, Hunan, and Hubei.

The concentration of large and small parks can effectively take advantage of the advantages of industrial scale, help enterprises quickly respond to market changes, improve the professionalism of furniture manufacturing, and reduce the production cost of enterprises.

Outstanding technical advantages

China has a long history of furniture manufacturing. The production of Chinese furniture can be traced back to the Neolithic Age, from sitting on the ground to tall furniture in the Song Dynasty.

Until the middle of the 16th century (Ming Dynasty), with the further development of industry, furniture became a commodity in circulation, and it was at this time that Chinese furniture was pushed to its peak.

Thousands of years of furniture manufacturing history have given us profound knowledge in furniture aesthetics and furniture manufacturing technology. We can not only produce high-quality products, but also take into account the aesthetics of domestic and European consumers.

European and American countries have high per capita income levels and strong consumption and purchasing power.

Influenced by traditional concepts, our country likes stability and rarely moves, let alone frequently replaces furniture. However, most American houses have a large layout, and there is a lot of space to take care of both indoors and outdoors. This makes us a furniture seller. Provides a good opportunity to intervene.

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