The structure and classification of the panel door and the production method of the glass door
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The structure and classification of the panel door and the production method of the glass door

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  1. The structure of the panel door

The panel door is generally a framed panel component, which can be divided into the following parts:

1. The door stands.

2. On the head.

3. Under the head.

4. Door core board.


Ⅱ.  Internal structure of wooden door

Generally speaking, the structure of the solid wood composite door refers to the structure of the door. At present, there are mainly the following structures:

1. LVL/Fir finger joint + (MDF+veneer)/Plate


2. chipboard + veneer


3.Honeycomb paper +MDF+ veneer/plywood


Ⅲ. Classification of wooden doors

(1)Sort by opening method.

         Wooden doors can be divided into four types: swing doors (also called sliding doors) (P), sliding doors (T), folding doors (Z) and spring doors (H) according to the opening method. Among them, when the fixed part is combined with a swing door or a sliding door, it is a swing door or a sliding door.

(2)Classified by internal structure.

        (a) Solid door

A wooden door with completely unified external and internal materials. It generally refers to all types of wooden doors with this characteristic, including half-section glass doors and glass doors made of solid wood. Drying of wood is a key process in the production of solid wood doors.

        (b) Laminate door

Refers to various solid doors made of wood, wood-based panels, thin wood veneers and other materials, and generally refers to all wooden doors with this material characteristics. It is an effective means of comprehensive utilization of wood, which arises when forest resources are increasingly scarce and the contradiction between supply and demand of precious tree species is increasingly prominent. The use of veneer technology is the most prominent feature of composite doors.

        (c) Mold door

The hollow door (the unsupported area is more than 10cm × 10cm) with the glued wood and wood as the skeleton material and the surface layer of wood-based panel or PVC board, etc., is called plywood molded hollow door.

(3) Sort by exterior look and feel


     According to the appearance, we generally divide wooden doors into flat doors, panel doors, etc.

(4) Classification by Surface Coating

(a) Painted Doors: Doors whose surfaces are sprayed with a paint process.

(b) Painted door: that is, the door with the surface sprayed by the paint processPaint-free doors: Doors that do not need to be painted. The surface materials are generally PVC, Boeing film (post-mold with a strong imitation of wood), and melamine (melamine decorative paper).

(c) Painted door: Painted is actually a surface process, and the basis is MDF. Painted doors are divided into piano paint and metal paint.

Ⅳ. How to make a glass door

A framed glass door is a frame made of wood or other materials around the glass. If the frame is made of wood, a groove is generally drawn on the back of the door, and the size of the glass is slightly reduced by a few millimeters according to the size of the groove. After the glass is put in, it is fixed with nails or glue. Generally, the frame type is made of 4mm or 5mm glass, which is not tempered.

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