Three advantages of hot glue coating machine
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Three advantages of hot glue coating machine

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Pur 350

It is suitable for the production of PVC, decorative painted paper, and solid wood veneer on the surface of various lines such as wood, aluminum-plastic profiles, and foam materials. Instead of the traditional painting process, it is used in the surface cladding production of door casings, baseboards, gussets, curtain rods, window sills, aluminum alloy doors and windows, and photo frames. The following explains the three advantages of the hot glue coating machine:

1. Fast speed and wide application

The professional hot melt adhesive system enables the glue supply capacity to reach 0-35KG/h to ensure that the coating speed can reach 10-50 m/min. Widely used in cladding of aluminum alloy, MDF and plastic steel profiles.

2. Good quality, no glue

The cladding machine line produced by polyurethane PUR hot glue is not opened when it is -40°C to 150°C, and when it passes the equator in the container. Use the crank handle to open and close equidistantly to the two sides in the middle, so that the movement of the profile can be kept accurate and straight. Avoid uneven delivery of profiles and swing.

3. Glue saving, easy to adjust

The active electronically controlled gear pump glue supply system enables accurate control and digital display of the amount of glue applied per gram when the speed of the coating machine is constantly changing. 

The above are the three advantages of the hot glue coating machine. Since ZHT the hot glue coated products do not need to be stored and observed, the speed is much faster than that of the cold glue machine. The production efficiency is 3 to 5 times that of cold glue equipment, and its high power, fast speed and stable operation have reached the domestic advanced level.

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