Upgrading of furniture product consumption: the rapid development space of woodworking machinery industry
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Upgrading of furniture product consumption: the rapid development space of woodworking machinery industry

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Woodworking machinery is widely used, and flexible production equipment processing centers are favored. Woodworking machinery can be used in all aspects of wood processing, sawing, planing, milling, sanding, drilling, gluing, surface treatment, painting, wood processing and other processes have corresponding woodworking machinery. In addition to traditional woodworking machinery, with the growing demand for customized furniture, new woodworking machinery processing centers are favored by the downstream furniture manufacturing industry.

The lagging effect of the woodworking machinery industry on the sales volume of commercial housing has gradually weakened.


Europe is the region with the largest market share in the woodworking machinery industry. The German market share is about 27%, and Italy has dropped from the previous 18% to the current 14%, showing a downward trend; the domestic demand for woodworking machinery in the United States is large and the output is small. , the domestic machinery supply is in short supply, the market development is mainly in the domestic market, and the export volume is less than 6%; the annual output value is about 30 billion. The raw materials, key components and standard parts required by the woodworking machinery manufacturing industry in Taiwan, China rely on imports, and most of its finished products rely on the international market. What Taiwan can control is only processing and production. As the competitiveness of domestic automation equipment becomes stronger and stronger, foreign brands will eventually disappear from the market: emerging economies such as mainland China and Vietnam are undertaking the industrial transfer of woodworking machinery. The domestic technology of edge banding machines is already very strong and the technology is very general. The CNC of electronic saws, CNC drills and machining centers is more meaningful for customization. Hongya and Nanxing have already laid out in the field of whole line design, and the effect has been initially shown. With the deepening of the degree of intelligence and the gradual reduction of the application threshold, the advantages of the whole line design of foreign woodworking machinery have gradually disappeared.

The rise of custom furniture will prompt the furniture manufacturing industry to upgrade woodworking machinery, replacing traditional woodworking machinery with flexible production equipment that better meets the requirements of custom furniture production. At present, the market penetration rate of custom furniture is about 20%, and it is expected to increase to 40% in 3 to 5 years.

The continuous growth of labor costs and the increase in the output of high-end furniture with higher production accuracy and stability requirements will speed up the process of labor replacement in the furniture manufacturing industry, and the utilization rate of woodworking machinery will be greatly improved.

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