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WPC door

【Raw material composition of wood-plastic door】

The main raw materials of wood-plastic doors are PVC resin and high-quality wood powder. PVC resin is made of medical-grade domestic famous brand products. Finished product requirements for raw material quality. The WPC door formula system is equipped with a certain proportion of auxiliary materials, adding stabilizers, foaming agents, modifiers, etc., and mixing various ingredients in strict proportions to effectively ensure the product quality of foamed panels.

【Production Equipment Features】

The advanced production equipment is imported from abroad from the mixing system to the extrusion system, which ranks at the international leading level and has a high degree of automation. Among them, the mixing equipment has the characteristics of accurate ingredients, uniform mixing, and high efficiency, which fundamentally ensures the stability of the product. sex. Since the production of wood-plastic foam doors has high requirements for foam extrusion equipment, a high-torque twin-screw extruder is used, and the screw, screw barrel and other components are modified to adapt to the skinning on the inner and outer surfaces of wood-plastic. Uniform foaming, to avoid charring of wood flour and other phenomena.

【Surface treatment】

Heat transfer printing technology takes the lead in using heat transfer printing technology to transfer various graphics on the extruded board, so that the product has a variety of high-grade wood grains and colors. According to the popular varieties in the market, we have designed black walnut, ivory white, A variety of finishes such as waxed oak are available for customers to choose, and more than 50 interior door designs are provided to meet the individual needs of modern consumers.


1. The wood-plastic door formula system is equipped with a certain proportion of auxiliary materials, including stabilizers, foaming agents, modifiers, etc., and various ingredients are mixed in strict proportions to effectively ensure the product quality of foamed panels.

2. The WPC door is durable, has a long service life, has the appearance of wood, has higher hardness and rigidity than plastic products, has excellent physical properties, and has better dimensional stability than wood, and will not produce cracks, warping, no wood knots, twill, etc. . With the secondary processability of wooden doors, it can be sawed, planed, bonded, and fixed with nails or screws.

3. The wood-plastic door has good flame retardant performance. The wood-plastic suit door does not support combustion when it encounters an open flame, and it will automatically extinguish after leaving the work. After testing, the oxygen index of Guoqiang wood-plastic suit door is 48, and its fire performance level is B1. This performance of Longqiao wood-plastic suit door will greatly improve the fire safety of residential buildings.

4. Various surface treatment techniques, such as thermal transfer printing, peritoneum or baking varnish, can produce gorgeous and diverse appearances according to customers' own needs, and have high stability and long service life.

5. The wood-plastic door has a reasonable structure and high strength. The special cavity structure design ensures the ideal internal structure of the wood-plastic foam material. In addition, the excellent formula design and reasonable production process ensure the strength of the product. Wood-plastic door quick-installation structure, saving time and effort for installation The wood-plastic door adopts a quick-installation structure imported from Germany. The door cover is very convenient to install. The door cover line and the door cover are connected by a bayonet. Save effort.


1. Wood-plastic doors, the main material is wood-plastic materials, so the disadvantages of wood-plastic materials, wood-plastic doors also have;

2. Wood-plastic doors are emerging environmental protection products, so a very standardized quality standard system has not yet been formed in the market.

3. It does not have the texture of natural wood, so the wood-plastic door with heat transfer technology or suction film technology for surface treatment has no natural feeling.

4. Compared with wood, it is not resistant to high temperature and softens when exposed to high temperature.

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