What are characteristics and merits of kitchen cabinet laminated with PVC membrane
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What are characteristics and merits of kitchen cabinet laminated with PVC membrane

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The blister door panel is a famous molded door panel, which uses medium density board as the base material. After the engraving machine is engraved and milled, the pattern is formed, and then it is finely polished and then sprayed with special glue. After the second polishing, the surface is covered with PVC film and then the vacuum blister to make. Plastic door panels are not easily deformed, have good environmental performance, exquisite appearance, wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, and flame retardant properties and are sought by many friends. So how should we choose?

How to choose a blister door

  1. Quality of substrate material ? 

    The quality of the substrate directly determines whether the cabinet door has the ability to eat nails twice, the ability to hold nails, the degree of deformation of the finished blister board, and the environmental performance of the finished blister board.

  2. Quality of PVC membrane 

    The quality of the film directly determines the grade and performance of the finished blister door panel. A good blister film should reach a certain thickness, the film skin should be evenly glued, and the color should be stable.

  3. Surface treatment of blister door panel. 

    The surface treatment is related to the overall image of the finished blister board. If the orange peel phenomenon is serious, the entire door panel looks darker (orange peel refracts light), and the high-gloss blister door panel is very obvious at this point.

  4. The workmanship of blister door panels. 

    This is the most troublesome problem during use. It is mainly manifested in the adsorption at the corners. If there is a phenomenon of cracking, then this piece of plastic cabinet door may absorb water deformation and crack the PVC film itself during use.

solid wood facing cabinet003



solid wood facing cabinet004

Merits and Advantages of blister kitchen cabinet:

  1. Richness of colors. 

    Because the color and texture displayed by the blister door panel are determined by the PVC film laminated on the surface, the color and texture of the blister cabinet are relatively rich, and the room for selection is relatively large. The blister panel can be divided into matte Both effects and bright light can basically meet the requirements of different customers for color texture.

  2. Can do three-dimensional modeling. 

    Because of the manufacturability of the medium density fiberboard, the surface of the blister board can be made into various three-dimensional shapes, which can meet the different needs of different customers for different styles. Because the blister board can seal the four sides of the door panel into one after the blister molding It needs to re-sealing, which solves the problems of some sheets, such as the sealing edge of some plates, such as long-term open glue and susceptibility to water.

  3. Simple maintenance. 

    The blister board is scratch-resistant and wear-resistant, heat-resistant, stain-resistant, fade-resistant, does not crack or deform. The seamless PVC film compression molding process does not need to be sealed, and there is no problem of glue opening. And the daily maintenance is simple, so the blister board can be said to be the most mature cabinet material on the market.

  4. Affordable

    If you choose a European-style or pastoral-style decoration design at home, it is necessary to buy a set of cabinets with complicated shapes. Generally speaking, only solid wood and blister materials can do the job. The cost of solid wood cabinets is high. Plastic cabinets are a good choice.


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