What are the precautions for using the coating machine?
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What are the precautions for using the coating machine?

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1. Operation preparation

Before using the wrapping machine, the following preparations should be made:

(1) Whether the circuit is in good condition. Before opening the switch, the circuit should be checked once to ensure that there is no power failure and leakage, and the power supply voltage should reach the required voltage

(2). Before each packaging, the condition of each component should be carefully checked, such as whether the cylinder rotates normally, whether the control of the feeding position is convenient, and whether the control of the packaging position and the discharging position is accurate. After all these are confirmed, the coating machine can be turned on.

(3) Regularly check the oil level of the hydraulic pump station. When the oil level is lower than the normal value, it should be replenished in time. The inspection period is about one month.

2. Operation process of coating machine

(1) Turn on the main power. After the machine starts running, use both hands to control the barrel to make the coating machine run to the appropriate feeding position.

(2) The feeding operation is carried out according to the process requirements, and then the barrel is controlled with both hands. After moving the coating barrel to the proper position, start the rotation button of the coating machine to make the coating barrel rotate.

(3) The heating temperature of the coating machine should be reasonably set, and the temperature of the inner wall should be controlled below 65 °C, which should not be too high or too low. When adding raw materials and additives to the coating machine, it should be carried out according to the process requirements. It is not possible to arbitrarily increase or decrease the number of additives or change the order of additives, followed by insulation coating.

(4) After the powder is completely dried, turn off the heating power supply, and keep the coating barrel rotating when unloading.

(5) When the temperature of the inner wall of the cylinder cools to below 40°C, the cladding cylinder stops rotating and the main power is turned off.

3. Precautions for using the coating machine

(1) During the operation of the cladding machine, if a fault is found, it should stop working in time, and be inspected and repaired by professionals so that it can continue to run after the fault is eliminated.

(2) When lifting and lowering the covering barrel, be sure to use both hands to operate, and pay attention to observe whether there are people or obstacles under the covering barrel to avoid danger.

(3) After covering the machine, it should be cleaned in time to keep the machine clean and hygienic.

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