What impact does Russia's attack on Ukraine have on China?
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What impact does Russia's attack on Ukraine have on China?

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 What impact does Russia's attack on Ukraine have on China?

First of all, it should strengthen the cooperative relationship between China and Russia. Russia is short of money and has resources, while China is a local tyrant, which just needs a lot of resources to develop and hit it off. Secondly, Russia's attack is also a test of NATO led by the United States. As a bystander, China can understand NATO's bottom line and take measures. Third, this attack also has a very important reference value for our country's liberation of Taiwan. It can be used for reference in tactics, and in diplomacy, we can learn what means Western countries have, and we can also understand that once the war to liberate Taiwan begins, the West will Fourth, as a medium-sized country, Ukraine’s military power and Western military assistance are greater than Taiwan’s. Our military power is basically developed and upgraded on the basis of previous Russia, so this war can let our country understand There are deficiencies in military equipment; fifth, this attack can effectively enhance my country's international influence. When the war starts, many small and medium-sized countries in the world can see that without a strong military, they can only be slaughtered by others. But the military is inseparable from the support of the economy. China's economy is now top of the line. Who would believe that Russia does not have the support of China's economy? Therefore, in the world economy, China's position has been strengthened. After all, we are not so aggressive.

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