What is PVC laminated furniture
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What is PVC laminated furniture

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In the process of heating and softening, the PVC film is close to the MDF after spraying, and the air between the PVC film and the MDF film is evacuated by vacuum, and the PVC film is tightly adhered to the MDF by relying on atmospheric pressure. Above, this process is called vacuum film lamination.

Features of PVC film:

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The adhesive used for vacuum plastic film is vacuum plastic, which is mainly based on water-based polyurethane adhesive and mixed with other resins. In principle, hot melt adhesive and solvent-based adhesive can also be selected, but water-based adhesive is tasteless and moderately priced, suitable for mechanization. operate.


The characteristic of this process is that it does not require painting or painting, and it is a paint-free process. In addition, it can also cover concave-convex grooves, curved edges, and hollow carvings, which is unmatched by other processes.

Application of PVC film:

The vacuum forming process is used in the manufacture of computer desks, speaker panels, cabinets, doors and furniture, and is widely used in the processing and manufacturing of automotive interior parts. The vacuum forming process has developed rapidly. 45% of the medium density fiberboard in Japan uses vacuum Plastic film, the medium density fiberboard produced by PVC composite processing in my country has reached 30 million m², and it is increasing at a rate of more than 8% every year.

Performance requirements of vacuum suction plastic:

The vacuum blister adopts spraying and sizing, so the viscosity of the vacuum blister is required to be moderate, which can adapt to the changes of winter and summer weather and realize spray atomization. In addition, the vacuum blister should have the following characteristics: good flow and diffusion, and the surface after blistering is clean. No pitting, high solid content, fast drying, good initial viscosity, especially in the grooves and edges, the initial viscosity of the plastic is required to be good, and the heat aging resistance is good, at least at 60 ℃, 24h baking The post-adhesive film does not curl, shrink, and foam, and the activation temperature is low. The water-based polyurethane adhesive needs to have an activation temperature. The activation temperature should be between 55 and 65 °C. If the temperature is too high, the PVC film is easy to perforate. So much, we all know what is plastic furniture.

Compared with spray-painted furniture, blister furniture has greatly reduced harmful substances in production. Compared with solid wood furniture, it saves resources, is cheap and economical. The advantages of new technologies and processes.

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