What is Whole House Customization? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
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What is Whole House Customization? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

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What is Whole House Customization? What are the advantages and disadvantages?


1 What does whole house customization mean?

Whole house customization is an integrated home furnishing solution that integrates home design, customization and installation services. According to the individual needs of consumers, combined with the spatial characteristics of different families, various furniture of individual size, pattern, appearance design and material can be customized .

Whole house customization currently includes:

Bedroom furniture: wardrobe, bedside table, dresser, bed, bed footstool, tatami, desk, etc.

Kitchen furniture: cabinets, display cabinets, wine cabinets, booths

Entrance furniture: entry cabinet, shoe cabinet

Living room furniture: background wall, TV cabinet

Bathroom furniture: integral bathroom cabinet

Study furniture: desk, bookcase, bedside table

NO.2 What are the advantages of whole house customization?

1. The technological level is greatly improved, and the quality is more guaranteed;

2. It can be specially customized according to the needs of customers, including color, style, structure, various styles, and the products have individuality and do not repeat;

3. The overall style is the same, it is often difficult to fully meet the needs of buying finished furniture, and the furniture purchased in multiple places will inevitably have too many elements and the style is messy;

4. Better use of space, such as custom U-shaped cabinets, which can flexibly avoid corner columns; if there is a stair corner on the slope, it can be changed into a workshop or reading corner, etc.;

5. Ordering custom furniture according to the design drawings can reduce the waste of wood. At the same time, environmental protection technology is adopted in the production process, which can reduce decoration pollution as much as possible.

NO.3 What are the disadvantages of whole house customization?

1. Long customization cycle

The biggest disadvantage of custom furniture is that furniture products cannot be obtained in time, and they must be booked in advance. The production cycle is generally calculated in months. The larger the furniture or the complete set of furniture, the longer it will take.

2. The quality is uneven

Different manufacturers have different materials, different processes, and different equipment, and the quality of the products produced is different. Therefore, whether the material and hardware accessories of the products are consistent with the contract agreement still needs consumers' attention, and it is also necessary to select a brand with integrity.

3. Design, installation and after-sales problems

As we all know, buying custom cabinets is not the same as buying finished cabinets. The finished cabinets can be moved if you don’t like them, while custom products are customized according to the specific apartment type and preferences of each customer’s home. Once there is a quality problem, it is a big project to replace it. . In addition, if the design and installation are not professional, it is prone to various errors.

4. Cost issues

The cost of whole-house customization is relatively high, and a complete set of whole-house customized furniture will be about 5%-15% higher than that made by carpenters.

5. Environmental issues

Many people think that the whole house customization sells creativity and design. Some small custom furniture companies have begun to take advantage of the loopholes and only promote the novel design, which weakens the singleness and environmental protection standards of their own panels. But in fact, the environmental protection standards and health index of customized furniture are very critical. In some enterprises, the boards used in the storefront display are not bad. When they are used in consumers' homes, the boards may be out of stock, and the environmental protection indicators are not guaranteed.

NO.4 When purchasing whole house customization, focus on four elements

1. The substrate is environmentally friendly

High-quality whole-house customization must be supported by high-quality and environmentally friendly substrates. A good whole-house custom furniture must meet the standard of health and environmental protection, that is, at least the E1 level of the national standard.

In addition, even if the environmental protection standards are met, it is recommended to plan reasonably according to the storage needs of the home. Because even if the best composite materials are used in the same confined space, some toluene and other degrees will exceed the standard due to accumulation, which requires certain treatment and purification.

Therefore, in the selection of materials that can choose solid wood, try to use solid wood materials, and pay attention to reasonable distribution according to actual needs.

2. Design quality

Whether a product can maximize the use of space and meet customer requirements depends on a good designer. Moreover, designers also need to understand the brand's own material supply, production line level and installation process.

Therefore, it is important to choose the right brand, and it is also very important to choose the right custom designer for the whole house. Some brand designers move very fast, and they don’t know the product at all, and the realization of the later product will be problematic.

3. Process and equipment quality

Different equipment and different craftsmanship can not only maximize the advantages of good plates, but also destroy good plates easily.

For example, cutting the board with poor cutting equipment will produce zigzag burst edges. Even if the edge is sealed, the dark substrate will be exposed on the edge of the board, leaving unsightly zigzag black lines. It is especially evident in the color scheme. Another example is the bad hot melt adhesive edge sealing machine will leave a glue line, and at the same time, it cannot properly handle the rounding and polishing of the edges and corners of the edge sealing tape.

And a good laser edge banding machine can make the sheet and the edge band fit perfectly.

Under the premise that the craftsmanship is similar, the equipment largely determines the quality of the finished product.

4. Hardware and accessories quality

Customized furniture, split apart, mainly consists of cabinet body, cabinet door, hardware, accessories and other parts. Therefore, hardware and accessories are the key links to ensure product quality. Good accessories can not only ensure the stability and life of customized furniture, but also better ensure safety.

For example, when selecting hinges, stainless steel hinges with damping should be selected, and the opening and closing times of qualified hinges should be about 100,000 times. Of course, some good hinges can be opened and closed 500,000 times or more.

The drawer track also needs to choose stainless steel guide rails with damping, the reciprocating push-pull speed should be 1-15 times/min, and the qualified track pull-pull times should be about 100,000 times.

In addition, the hinge load-bearing and functional styles used in cabinets with different functional purposes also need to be changed accordingly (such as: thickening, two-section rails, three-section rails, etc.), including the screws used to fix the hinges. It is also necessary to choose stainless steel. It will not cause the hinge to fall off later due to screw corrosion.

Buy a Whole House Custom Pit Avoidance Guide

1. The first pit: design drawings and actual finished products are the difference between the buyer's show and the seller's show

Color mismatch, size not in place, violation of living habits, inconsistent style, chaotic layout... All kinds of problems are not uncommon in the field of whole house customization. Most of the problems are rooted in the lack of designers' ability.

How to avoid it: From design to installation, consumers should continue to pay attention to the whole process, and if there are defects, do not ask for rework with the mentality of "it can be used in the future", otherwise it will be more troublesome in the future.

2. The second pit: All-inclusive is not really all-inclusive

When making quotations, custom furniture salesmen often only tell consumers the price of the materials used per square meter, and when making wardrobes, metal fasteners, rails, hinges, etc. for installing shelves are charged separately. If you install a sliding door, the price of the door and sliding track will be extra.



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