What is wood veneer
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What is wood veneer

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Solid wood veneer is to use logs as raw materials, then cut them into veneers of 0.1 to 1.0 mm, soak them, dry them, add them with a special process, and finally spread them on the surface of the furniture.

Solid wood veneer is usually divided into two types, one is thin skin, the other is thick skin. Thin leather is more transparent, but it is easy to wear, while leather has a strong three-dimensional effect and a good texture. In addition, solid wood veneer can be made into a variety of finishes and paints, suitable for various styles of furniture.


Most of the inner core materials of solid wood veneer are made of particleboard, some of them are fiberboard or density board processed by various advanced instruments, and are pressed into a kind of solid wood inheritance board after a series of processes. Most of the solid wood veneer furniture is not completely Solid wood is just a kind of wood with solid wood characteristics made by multi-layer processing.

Because the appearance of pure solid wood veneer will show a more neat pattern, and the gloss will be higher than before.

Why should pure solid wood be veneered?

First of all, pure solid wood veneer can present a more perfect construction process, and can also bring people a different visual effect. The veneered solid wood furniture is not easy to be deformed and damp; secondly, the texture presented by the pure solid wood furniture itself In fact, the processing is not very clear. After the skin is pasted, the texture can be perfectly displayed, which also plays an auxiliary role in home decoration.

Advantages of solid wood veneer

1. Solid wood veneer furniture has the appearance of solid wood furniture, and can be made into various finishes and paints, suitable for various styles of furniture.

2. The cost of solid wood veneer furniture is relatively cheap, and the surface processing technology of the veneer board is simple and natural.


1. Solid wood veneer furniture is easily affected by the environment. The durability of solid wood veneer furniture is very poor, and the veneer will fall off after being hit.

2. The internal panels are usually made of discarded wood glue, which is not very environmentally friendly and moisture-proof.

How to distinguish solid wood and veneer

1. Appearance

If the appearance of the furniture, the pattern looks flawless, and there are no joints, it is clear and there is no natural color difference of solid wood.

2. Gloss

If the glossiness of each surface is the same, it is veneer. The glossiness of solid wood is different when viewed from different angles.

3. Texture

You can check whether the texture on the front and back and the side of the frame are the same. If the texture on the back is different, it means that it is veneer, and the touch of solid wood will be rough and textured, while veneer furniture is smooth to the touch and the color is well-proportioned.

4. Uniformity

The pattern of the veneer is generally very neat and without breaks. However, the pattern of solid wood is usually not too complete. If a layer of solid wood veneer is laminated on the solid wood, it is considered cheating, because although the broken wood is also solid wood, the effect is completely different.

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