What kinds of raw materials for making furnitures?
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What kinds of raw materials for making furnitures?

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In addition to buying some decoration materials when we are decorating, we will also buy furniture materials ourselves in the later stage. So many people don't know what furniture materials are. Here are some main materials for making furniture:

1. Solid wood: such as rubber wood, ash, oak, white oak, birch, etc.;

2. Artificial board: such as medium density fiberboard, particleboard, plywood, blockboard, etc., among which the medium density fiberboard and particleboard can also be processed into melamine decorative panels;

3. Finishing materials: decorative paper, fireproof rubber sheet, veneer, PVC, paint, etc.;

4. Furniture hardware: connecting parts, door hinges, guide rails, handles, shelf supports and other dozens of categories and hundreds of varieties. The stickers you are talking about generally refer to the process of pasting decorative paper on the surface of the MDF, which generally requires paint finishing. There are also many types of paint. Commonly used are NC (nitrocellulose paint), PU (polyester paint), PE (polyurethane paint), etc. Each of them has primer and topcoat, transparent and opaque, etc.

What should we pay attention to for furniture materials?

1. Pay attention to the quality of the panel. The largest amount of decoration in the market is imported eucalyptus plywood. Imported from Indonesia is called "printing board". Scale imported from Malaysia. "Maban". The quality of "Printing Board" is better than "Maban". The price is also two or three yuan per sheet. When selecting, you must pay attention to whether the panel is eucalyptus or other hard mixed wood. In contrast, the quality of eucalyptus noodles is better. Better. And it is best to choose imported eucalyptus veneer.

2. Pay attention to the material of the inner sandwich. Generally, the inner layer of the plywood is mostly mixed wood. It is best to use high-quality materials such as eucalyptus, and pay attention to whether the section is smooth, whether there is glue or bubbling between the layers, and whether there is a large gap between the core plates.

3. Pay attention to the appearance of the whole board. The splint of good quality has no warping, deformation or cracking. The sides are straight, the wall thickness is substantial, and the size is standard. The surface color is consistent, without scars, splices, spots, worm holes, bumps, stains, defects and repairs.

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