What materials are needed for the coating machine to work and what are its characteristics
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What materials are needed for the coating machine to work and what are its characteristics

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The universal coating machine is suitable for the production of PVC, decorative paint paper, and solid wood veneer on the surfaces of various lines such as wood, aluminum-plastic profiles, and foam materials. It can replace the traditional paint process and be used for the surface coating production of door casings, skirting lines, gussets, curtain rods, window sills, aluminum alloy doors and windows, photo frames, etc.

  1. Basic materials include wood strips, medium density boards, wood plastic, plastic steel, PVC and aluminum profiles and other materials with lines. The basic material requirements usually use regular linear materials, which are allowed to have grooves and curved surfaces, but the longitudinal direction of each point needs to be a straight line, and it must have a certain pressure resistance.

  2. Veneer materials are usually PVC decorative film, decorative paper, solid wood veneer, Boeing board, composite aluminum film, etc. The width should be determined based on the needs of the substrate and the selected machine model, usually less than fifty centimeters.

Let’s take a look at its characteristics

  1. Commonly used for lining and door edges, various solid wood sheets, impregnated paint paper and other materials can be pasted on the surface of skirting lines, door and window casings, stair handrails and other lines to complete the surface, side and bottom edges at one time. Cover. Especially suitable for covering decorative lines on door edges.

  2. The frame is made of precision-machined steel plates and connected with screws to avoid frame deformation caused by welding.

  3. High-precision gear transmission, the motor adopts mechanical stepless speed regulation and is synchronized with the rubber coating roller.

  4. The coating machine can adjust the lifting and lowering rubber disc, and the rubber disc can be adjusted according to the height of the workpiece, thereby reducing the angle between the veneer and the workpiece, making it easier to cover.

  5. The bottom wheels are all made of silicone rubber aluminum wheels, which have good wear resistance, non-stick hot melt and long service life.

  6. Does not contain any organic solvents, solid content 100%, green and environmentally friendly.

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