What problems should be paid attention to when covering the surface of furniture with PVC materials
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What problems should be paid attention to when covering the surface of furniture with PVC materials

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Ⅰ. What problems should be paid attention to when covering PVC

1. The base material requires uniform density, flat and smooth.

 If the substrate is not smooth and smooth, the amount of glue absorbed will be uneven after coating, causing local or large areas of foaming. At this time, the higher the ambient temperature, the larger and larger bubbles will affect the quality of the PVC veneer.

2. The application of glue is required to be uniform and appropriate.

In overlaying PVC, the requirements for glue application are very high. It must be uniform and have a certain thickness, otherwise no matter how good the glue is, it will also cause degumming. Modified polyvinyl acetate white latex is the most commonly used rubber at present. If this glue is applied too thinly, it will not be sticky and will not stick firmly. However, if the coating is too thick, it will also have a negative effect, that is, it is not easy to dry, so it is very important to maintain an appropriate amount of glue and a better drying time.

3. After covering the PVC, if it is not completely dry, the board cannot be transported at will.

After PVC veneer, it is transported before it is completely dry, the edges of the sheet are easy to degumming, and the middle is foamed. Since the types of glue used, the thickness of the glue, the quality of the substrate, and the temperature and humidity of the environment are not the same during processing, the determination of the drying time is also very different. How to determine the best drying time should not be generalized by each factory. You can determine the ideal drying time by doing a simple drying tear test. After the PVC is applied, the glue has not yet reached the time to completely dry. If the temperature has risen above 22°C, the latex will soften and the viscosity will drop sharply. As a result, the curved edges of the parts are more likely to be degummed and become "fungus". side".


Ⅱ. What are the advantages of PVC coating on the surface of wooden furniture?

PVC furniture can also achieve high quality. In the processing of wood furniture, PVC veneer is used. If the process is correct and the processing is fine, the quality level that can be achieved is often inferior to that of painted furniture. Especially the imported high-quality PVC is covered with stable quality, realistic wood grain, rich in three-dimensional effect, no color difference on the surface, no knots and other defects, plus the use of high-quality rubber materials, the products made can also be made. Belongs to high-end series. With the popularity of PVC veneer furniture, new varieties of PVC artificial wood have been continuously developed to replace natural wood.

Ⅲ. How can we prevent such quality problems from happening?

First of all, after the PVC coating is completed, the board is left for one week to age or after it is completely glued to dry, the curing is complete, and the board is shipped and transported after the internal stress is eliminated and the balance is reached.

Secondly, adopt some other processes related to veneer to enhance the fastness of veneer and improve the stability of product quality, such as post forming and soft forming edge sealing process.


Ⅳ. How to grasp the quality of PVC veneer?

There are many varieties of PVC veneers, and the quality is quite different. Among them, there are both general-purpose and special-purpose PVC, such as anti-scalding, fire-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and high-strength (tear-resistant). Although some PVC veneer materials have the same surface texture and color, the quality is different. The price of PVC of the same size is even 7 to 8 times different. Imported PVC will also have similar problems.

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