Which kinds of machines are necessary for house customization manufacturer?
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Which kinds of machines are necessary for house customization manufacturer?

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A panel furniture factory usually needs a CNC cutting machine, a panel furniture cutting machine, a CNC side hole machine, a fully automatic edge banding machine, and a vacuum laminating machine. With these four pieces, you can basically open a panel furniture factory.

  1. CNC cutting machine. The CNC panel furniture cutting machine is used with professional cutting software, online design (3D three-dimensional map can be presented), one-click order splitting, automatic hole arrangement, optimized layout and other functions. The general board usage rate is more than 95%, saving labor and no need for professionalism. The woodworking master typesetting and arranging holes. It can complete the three processes of vertical hole drilling, slotting and material opening. It can do the processing of arc shaped plates. It can also be used for cabinet door milling and carving. It is a professional equipment for customized furniture. The price generally ranges from more than 80,000 to 100,000. It varies with different configurations, different crafts, and different services.

  2. Vacuum membrane press machine. Vacuum laminating machine is also called vacuum blister machine. It is mainly suitable for laminating various cabinet door panels, wooden door laminating, sliding door laminating, soft bag decorative leather laminating and other material surfaces and covering all sides with PVC, veneer, decorative paper, etc. The equipment can be used to paste various PVC films on furniture, cabinets, speakers, craft doors, decorative wall skirts and other board furniture, and can be used for heat transfer film and single-sided veneer after installing silicone panels. Recover work.


Automatic edge banding machine. It mainly includes the fuselage, each processing department group, and the control system. The processing components mainly include: pre-milling, gluing, edge banding, flushing, rough repair, finishing, profiling tracking, edge scraping, polishing, and grooving. Mainly used for sheet edge sealing of panel furniture. Its characteristics are automation, high efficiency, high precision and aesthetics.

CNC side hole machine. Infrared CNC side hole machine is a professional machine used to make horizontal holes in the panel furniture production line. Compared with the barcode CNC side hole machine, this equipment does not require any software support. It has automatic infrared induction and quickly realizes blind punching. It is used for making panel furniture. , A good helper for overall wardrobes and custom cabinets.

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