Why recommend custom furniture to customers?
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Why recommend custom furniture to customers?

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For the decoration industry, the terms custom furniture and whole house customization have become more popular in recent years. There are always reasons for popularity. "Customization" does make up for many of the flaws of traditional finished furniture. In order to meet the diverse and personalized needs of customers, some furniture such as wardrobes and cabinets can only be customized.

The first thing we need to know is what does custom furniture mean?

Customized furniture is not a cabinet for our customers! The correct process for customizing furniture is as follows: you need to communicate with the customer first, understand the customer’s requirements and preferences, design the furniture style according to the customer’s preferences, then go to the customer’s home to measure the size, and make 3D design graphics on the special design software. Furniture that can only be produced in the factory after satisfaction can be called custom furniture.

So what kind of furniture can be customized and suitable for customization?

Except for upholstered furniture such as some hanging ornaments or ornaments, other furniture can be customized. But at present, the most favored by the owner is the custom wardrobe cabinets. It is what we call all kinds of common cabinets: wardrobes, cabinets, bookcases, bathroom cabinets, shoe cabinets, porch lockers, etc.

But for practitioners of whole house customization or furniture customization, if they do not have good design skills or hardware strength, such as beds, tables, chairs and other styles, materials, processes, and design are more difficult, and the finished products in the mall More selective furniture is not recommended for customers.

So what are the advantages of custom furniture?

1. Customers are more time-saving, worry-free and labor-saving. They don’t need to run around looking for furniture. They only need our designers to come and communicate with customers to create a design plan, and measure the size. Then wait for the installation workers to get everything done.

2. The small apartment can easily expand the space. What are the most afraid of small apartment owners? A few finished pieces of furniture filled the originally small area, and the size was not yet satisfactory. Customized furniture can adapt to any type and space, solve the distressing space shortage and storage problems, and make small-sized home decoration more beautiful.

3. The bumps and ribs caused by the beams and columns can be perfectly resolved. The roof beams or small spaces in the family space are not only ugly but also difficult to use. Customized furniture created according to the different space sizes of different rooms can instantly turn the beams and columns into invisible. And can perfectly fit any uneven position.

4. Abundant space functions. For custom furniture factories and designers, it is not a big deal to create a multi-purpose effect in one room. One room can be made with the effects and functions of a study room, a leisure room, a reception room, and a guest bedroom. Of course This also most tests the ability of designers and factories to produce.

5. Style coordination: The visual effect of the finished furniture in the mall is too far from the actual effect and imagination when it is shipped home. The unique software function of customized furniture can let you see the effect of furniture placement in advance through 3D renderings, and you can change it if you are not satisfied. It can perfectly solve the customer's customization requirements. The final product must be an excellent effect that meets the owner's requirements!

The most important point: The equipment and tools for whole house customization or furniture customization are now complete. A cutting machine, a laser side hole machine, an electronic cutting saw, and an edge banding machine can be easily done. If you want to make wardrobe cabinet doors, just add a laminating machine. And the above equipment does not require much labor.



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