Why select MDF board as the material of kitchen cabinet doors?
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Why select MDF board as the material of kitchen cabinet doors?

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When it comes to choosing a suitable cabinet board, most consumers will face difficulties. The strong nail-holding power of particleboard, the popularity of eco-board, the high hardness of MDF, the strong moisture resistance of PVC board, the perfect but expensive stainless steel board...can't help but be dazzling.

Among them, MDF is currently highly regarded as a beautiful decorative material. So, regardless of the market's popularity, is MDF suitable for cabinets?


Ⅰ. As far as consumers are concerned, what are the reasons for the popularity of MDF?

  1. MDF is a new environmentally friendly product with better environmental performance.

  2. MDF is a high-quality man-made board, the cost is lower than solid wood.

  3. Many users and businesses generally applaud the board, which has led to a certain consumer tendency.

Ⅱ. The difference between high, medium and low density boards

In fact, consumers who have had a good experience mostly use high-density boards and medium-density boards. Because there are almost no merchants and manufacturers that sell low-density boards on the market, only high-density boards are here.


Factors to be compared



Hand touch



         Fresh wood color

           Heavier(Same                         Thickness)


No need edge banding,

good size stability without deformation, fabrication of edges of all types. 


            Slightly dark

            Lighter(Same                           Thickness)

             Relatively rough

Cheaper, fine and average quality, no bumping and layering. 

It can be drawn from the table that high-density boards that are suitable for various shapes and are not easily deformed are sufficient to meet the two-way requirements of decoration owners for the shape and quality of cabinets. The emergence of the market for high-density board custom cabinets has certain conditions. 



Ⅲ. As far as the board itself is concerned, what are the reasons why MDF is suitable for cabinets?

ⅰ. High hardness. The density board used for decoration structure has a tight internal fiber structure and dense board edges. The processed density
      board carries the characteristics of high hardness and good bearing capacity.

ⅱ. Strong antifouling ability. The surface of the density board is not easy to be contaminated with debris and is easy to clean. For young people
      who are living fast now, they do not need to spend too much time on sanitary cleaning, which meets the demands of saving time and effort.   

iii. Is the preferred substrate for paint effects. The density board can be painted directly, and it is easy to carry out the finishing process.
      Various paints and coatings can be painted directly. It can effectively protect the cabinet, prevent the deformation of the wood, and also play a role
      of moisture and oxidation resistance. 

iv. Beautiful, can be used for modeling and various veneers. MDF is a beautiful decorative board, which can be veneered with various shapes
      and colors on the surface according to your own customized needs. 
It can be designed for styles and preferences.

From this point of view, MDF with advanced manufacturing technology, complete color, texture and texture to a high degree, is not only suitable for door panels and office furniture base boards, but also very suitable for cabinets. After special treatment of the board and various veneers, it can be used as the main material for cabinet making. So convenient and efficient, without losing the aesthetic characteristics, so that since the emergence of MDF, it has been welcomed by market consumers.


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