ZHT got back to track to serve all clients heart and soul
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ZHT got back to track to serve all clients heart and soul

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Since the coronavirus broke out, China has made great efforts to fight against the epidemic that spreaded out all over the China. So far, the virus is in the control of China government, and situation is getting back to track and moving forward for prosperity and achievements. 

After the epidemic, under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Chairman Xi Jinping as the core, local authorities have initiated a first-level response mechanism for major public health emergencies, all departments and regions urgently assisted Hubei to fight the epidemic, and quickly established a joint prevention and control mechanism across the country. Overseas public opinion was impressed by China's strong determination and execution ability to fight the epidemic, the institutional advantages of focusing on major events, and effective measures in preventing and controlling the spread of the epidemic. Especially in this fight against epidemic, China's unique and outstanding 'leadership', 'response ability', 'organization mobilization ability', and 'implementation ability' have been universally praised by the international community. 


During the epidemic-fighting period, it is the obligation of the enterprise to respond to the national call to resume production in an orderly manner and to do a good job in epidemic prevention. Under the premise of overall planning for epidemic prevention and control and safe production, ZHT has already restarted to produce and we are ready to offer all clients at home and abroad with upscale machinery and satisfactory services. ZHT expresses a deep sense of gratitude to all friends for long-term support and confidence. We commit to carry on offering perfect consultation service and satisfactory training without any abandonment. As a professional manufacturer specializing in vacuum membrane press machine among top three around China, we always stand behind our clients for prosperous development and for win-win situation and we firmly believe that the people all over the world would get through the hard time and overcome the coronavirus! 



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