how to choose machine for door ?
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how to choose machine for door ?

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How to choose machine for door ?

There are many ways to make the door.

First, cover the door skin with a flat one or with a shape. You can choose TM2480A, TM2480M, TM3000, TM5000. The thickness of the PVC film is 0.16mm, and the width is 1100mm.

TM2480M019001       TM2480A图TM3000B         TM4500no number

Among them, TM2480M and TM5000 have flat worktables, which have anti-wrinkle function and save PVC film and so on.

You can choose TM2480A, TM2480M, TM3000 as the door with glass, and the workbench can be made with glass door.

The second is to cover the entire set of doors. The thickness of the door is 45mm. You can choose TM3000, first cover the first side, and then cover the second side.

43fb4af560fb2afac2cd7aeb873097b          MDF door

In addition to the door, there are also door frames, door rails, and door lines. These are coated by the coating machine. The expanded area of the coating needs to be no more than 350mm. PUR 350 is selected. At the same time, due to the change in shape and width of the product, you can choose Removable fuselage, nose and fuselage can be separated.

If the developed area exceeds 350mm, PUR 450mm can be selected.
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Compared with EVA glue, PUR glue is characterized by irreversibility and environmental protection.
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