what is electrostatic powder spraying machine?
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what is electrostatic powder spraying machine?

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what is electrostatic powder spraying machine?

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I Corporation Profile

Liaoning Zhanhongtu Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. (ZHT) Is one professional manufacturer that is dedicated to digitalized electrostatic powder spraying package unit which integrates R & D, Design, Production, sales as well as services in one. We not only provide excellent products (from less complicated manual system to automated system that is more complicated & programmable), but also offer professional solution and sustainable service support for our customers.

We lead domestic development in the industry of electrostatic powder spraying by digitalized equipment invented by ZHT. Apart from long-term steadiness & reliability, our machinery is of merits like high coating ratio and even & good-quality coating on the surface. Meanwhile, equipment is more intelligent and convenient in operation. The machinery passed ISO 9001 Quality Management Sytem Certificate and main products all passed CE Safety Certificate issued by EU. We can manufacture production lines in modes of big, medium, small, fully automatic & semi-automatic as well as manual one according to customer’s requirement.  

II Functions

MDF electrostatic powder spraying equipment is used to apply powder materials on the surface of wooden products evenly and heat by infrared heating system to make perfect hexahedral effect in same color as one unit.  

III Operational procedures

1. Pretreatment

2. Piece hanging

3. Preheating

4. Spraying automatically (or manually)

5. Curing

6. Workpiece pick-up

7. Check

四Advantages of MDF electrostatic powder spraying

Modular design:

Modular design - the entire equipment has been fully assembled and debugged as required when leaving the factory, even if it is easy to transport and install.

save space :

Using the fast solids system can quickly shorten the heating time and save about 50% of the space compared to the traditional hot air circulation.

Energy saving:

 The shortening of the furnace body can save 10-20% of energy.

shorten the time:

Using radiation curing system, the curing time is 5-8 times shorter than the traditional one.

Increase throughput:

Faster production lines can increase throughput by 30-50%.

Ten advantages of electrostatic powder spraying products

1 Zero VOC, zero formaldehyde, zero heavy metal

2 waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion

3 Anti-aging and anti-yellowing

4 Scratch resistance, high hardness
5 Non-toxic and tasteless

6 Stain resistant and easy to clean

7 Free design

8 Excellent color stability

9 Special Surface Effects

10 Antibacterial factors can be added


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