what is vacuum membrane press machine?
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what is vacuum membrane press machine?

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what is vacuum membrane press machine?


What is vacuum membrane press machine ?

The vacuum membrane press machine is to suck and coat the heated and plasticized PVC thermoplastic coil (PVC film), leather, veneer, etc. on the MDF, stone and other plates to make various shapes of advanced cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, sliding doors , photo frames and other products of the machine.

1562293967776            cabinets product

vacuum membrane press machine principle:

The molding process is mainly to use the vacuum suction generated by the vacuum pump to heat and soften the PVC thermoplastic plastic coil, and then vacuum it into various shapes of plates, etc.

(1) The product specifications are highly adaptable, and the plastic forming method can be used to make various products of large, medium, small, thick and thin. The sheet can be as thin as 5MM or even thinner, and the product area can be as large as 1.22×2.44㎡. As small as a finger width, the thickness of PVC can be as large as 0.6mm and as small as 0.07mm.

玻璃门         wordrobe door          sample30

(2) Wide range of product applications: cabinet door suction, wardrobe door suction, sliding door suction, swing door suction, paint-free door suction, molded door suction, photo frame suction, computer desk suction, massage chair suction Plastic, tea cabinet blister, hot pot table blister, leather soft bag blister, veneer veneer blister, stone PVC blister, etc.

(3) Less investment in equipment

(4) There are many patterns of PVC film, paint-free green environmental protection, especially suitable for whole house customization.

(5) The production efficiency is higher.



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