A level MBF-350PUR-Ⅲ Hot Glue Wrapping Machine (PUR)
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A level MBF-350PUR-Ⅲ Hot Glue Wrapping Machine (PUR)

The MBF-350PUR-Ⅲ Hot Glue Wrapping Machine (PUR) is an advanced piece of woodworking equipment designed for efficient and precise edge banding in furniture manufacturing. Utilizing Polyurethane Hot Melt Adhesive (PUR) technology, this machine offers seamless wrapping and edge sealing for various wooden materials such as plywood, chipboard, and particleboard.
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  • MBF-350PUR-Ⅲ

Pur 350

MBF-350PUR-Ⅲ Hot Glue Wrapping Machine (PUR)

Technical Parameters:

  1. Outline Size: 6000mm * 680mm * 1800mm

  2. Film Width: 10mm - 350mm

  3. Maximum Height: 110mm

  4. Glue Amount:

      1. 35-45g or so for PVC material per        m².

      1. 60g or so for wooden veneer per m².

  1. Width of Driving Wheel: 15mm

  2. Feeding Speed: 10-45m/min (Speed      adjustment by frequency conversion)

  3. Main Power: 1.5Kw

  4. Total Power: 6Kw

  5. Machine Weight: About 1.8T

Configuration and Functions:

  1. The machine body is finished by gantry      milling with a flatness tolerance controlled within 5 wires (0.05mm).

  2. Transmission method uses a motor to      drive a worm gear for forward and backward transmission.

  3. Chrome-plated surface for all vertical      rods, guide rods, and universal joints for a beautiful appearance and rust      resistance.

  4. Dusting the coated surface of the      product with a brush and a dust collector to collect swept dust. Air      blowing device to blow off difficult dust.

  5. Substrate and film heating device      heated by far-infrared gold-plated heating tubes.

  6. Affinity agent application before      profile lamination to meet surface energy requirements.

  7. Tile-type air expansion shaft for      tightening PVC film roll or veneer. Magnetic powder brakes used for left      and right movement.

  8. One machine head and multiple bodies      for quick change according to different workpiece shapes.

Hot Melt Glue Machine System Technical Parameters:

  1. Daily continuous operation and coating      needs with no glue leakage.

  2. 5 gallons of hot melt glue capacity,      inner diameter of glue barrel is 280mm, melting speed is 20kg/h.

  3. Temperature control range: 40230℃.

  4. Maximum squeegee width: 350mm,      adjustable width and amount of squeegee.

Wearing Parts: Silicone wheel (not covered by the warranty)

Random Accessories:

  • Various wrenches

  • Allen wrenches

  • Connecting rods

  • Rubber wheels

  • Sharp wheels of different sizes

  • Inner arc wheels

  • Steps wheels

  • Hot air guns

  • Iron step wheels


  1. One-year warranty, excluding      consumables. Free warranty service during the warranty period, with free      consultation and troubleshooting for repair during the non-warranty      period.

  2. Exclusions: Damage caused by man-made      and natural disasters.

  3. The supplier provides free qualified      parts and maintenance during the warranty period. Outside the warranty      period, the supplier offers maintenance at a preferential price, with      costs settled through negotiation.

  4. Technical support provided for      installation, debugging, and personnel training in practical operation,      processing, and maintenance.








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