State-of-art model TM3000P-3 equipped with three trays
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State-of-art model TM3000P-3 equipped with three trays

This machine is a fully automatic vacuum membrane press equipment, which can be used for all kinds of high- grade PVC, imitation wood pattern, stone pattern, leather and other PVC surface decoration.
  • TM3000P-3

  • ZHT


The machine has a high degree of automation and is easy to operate. The worktable adopts a fully automatic operation transmission system for entering and exiting the host machine. The processing time, processing temperature and vacuum degree of the workpiece are all automatically controlled by digital display, thereby ensuring product quality and improving production efficiency. In addition to accommodating the excellent characteristics of general vacuum membrane press machines, this machine also has the function of making high-gloss PVC. The heating system adopts aluminum plate heating, which has high heat conduction efficiency, thereby improving the rate of finished products.

F e a t u r e s

  • Fast speed: It takes 2 minutes for ordinary workpieces to enter the host machine and come out, which is 2-4 times the efficiency of ordinary positive and negative pressure equipment.

  • Good effect: The product processed by common film has clear groove, no open side, no bubbling, no color difference, and high-glosy working surface has strong adhesion, and the effect reaches the international leading level.

  • Low power consumption: The total power of this machine is 44kw, which is half of the power of the same industry; the average power consumption of this machine is 18kw/h, and the average power consumption of the same industry machine exceeds 40kw/h.

  • High configuration: The key parts of this machine are made of original parts from Germany, Japan and Taiwan, with high configuration and stable performance.

  • High working efficiency: The whole machine adopts a fully automatic PIN system, compared with other manufacturers equipments, it saves the technological process of placing the bottom pads, saves the cost of raw materials, saves the scanning action process of the bottom pads of the equipment, saves the lamination process time, and greatly improves the work efficiency and reduce labor costs.

  • Good effect: The machine was equipped with an PVC automatic select rack roll , automatic film cutting device, automatic PIN system, press membrane device , a tray lifting device , afinished product flipping and collecting device ect.. The degree of automation is high and process in smooth, compact , one- stop press membrane process production. The height of top PIN can be selected as 12mm,15mm,18mm, solve the problem of high- gloss sample is not in place.

U p g r a d e  a n d  i m p r o v e

  1. Workbench runs more stationary.

  2. The rack is sandblasted to enhance corrosion resistance.

  3. The lifting balance system is easy to adjust, and the rise and fall are more stable.

  4. The aluminum frame adopts integrated treatment with no welded seams for added strength.

Te c h n i c a l  p a r a m e t e rs

Standard placement dimension


Rated working pressure

Positive pressure≤0.6Mpa

Negative pressure≥-0.095Mpa

Main machine dimension


Max working height


Unloading table size


Total power


Turning table size




Feeding table size



380V 50HZ

Loading table size


Rack roll size


How it works

This machine adopts human-computer interface, easy to understand and operate, automatic double-station machine

  •  Preheating equipment

  • Put product on the workbench

  • Pull the PVC membrane and cover cabinet door

  • Cutting membrane

  • Enter the machine

  • The membrane floating up and heating

  • Vacuum plus negative pressure

  • Release of negative pressure

  • Unloading hydraulic

  • Drop workbench

  • Workbench out

  • Cut membrane

  • Work end

This process is done automatically by one click

Silicone plate life

The silicone plate is imported from Korea and can be used for 3-4 months (about 1000 hours) and can be repaired. (This accessory is not covered by the warranty)


1. In order to ensure that the requester can use the equipment normally, the warranty period is one year, except for consumables (pressure buckle, gas strut). The supplier will provide free warranty service during the warranty period, non warranty period provide free consultation and troubleshooting for repair, maintenance. The warranty period is calculated from the day when the equipment is shipped.

2. The warranty does not include: damage caused by man-made and natural disasters. (such as fire, flood, earthquake)

3. If the equipment occurs error, The supplier shall provide free qualified parts and maintenance during the warranty period; outside the warranty period, the supplier shall provide the demand at a preferential price for a long time. The cost incurred by the supplier for maintenance shall be settled by both parties through negotiation

4. The supplier shall provide technical support to the requester to install and debug the equipment, and train the requester` personnel in practical operation, processing and maintenance





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